CleanGo's Solution for the Oil and gas sector is being rapidly adopted

In combination with hot oiler, the product is effective with wax removal from wellbores, production equipment, and flowlines. The product is very effective at removing production blocking wax from the inside of tubulars.

How Does Cleango Industrial Work?

Our unique solution improves throughflow within the reservoir.

The product acts as a surfactant and reduces interfacial tension between the hydrocarbon and rock matrix.  With lower bonds, oil molecules more readily slip through the reservoir.  Ultimately, this improves the ultimate recoverable reserves and further monetizes the reservoir.  As an added benefit, there are no mechanical change requirements to the process piping, wellbore, flowlines, or process equipment; nor are there regulatory approvals to put the product in the processing system.   

  • Product used with gamma jetting, vapor phase and pressure washing of tanks and production vessels. The product has been proven effective in oils with API density as low as 7 API.


  • Near wellbore reservoir cleaning and production enhancement. The product dissolves blockages in the near wellbore region and re-establishes plugged flow paths to encourage reservoir drainage.


This is validated per the press release, which evidences a 110% blended production improvement, with the product’s effects demonstrated to last 3 – 4 months.

Third party lab results (and field deployment) have resulted in repeat bulk orders for acid stimulation techniques.


The product accelerates and improves the acid reactivity process relative to acid on its own


The more effective the treatment, the more hydrocarbon is produced.


The product works as a cleaning agent for removing hydrocarbon-based stains on coveralls.

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